Kinght’s Templar reduced European violence?

This post and comments promoted me to write this.

I’ve an IDEA!!! I feel like Grug from that movie, or for those who remember a children’s book collection.

My Idea.

That actually fits in with your dates. This is from a praetorian view and family history. 1000’s to 1500’s, particularly 1200’s to 1300’s NW Europeans witnessed a great change in military organisation, not just in weapons, medicine, transportation, war strategy, also religion and over all organisation.

A by product of this would of been many young men dying all over Europe, in the middle east and on the journey there.

The first formal organisation of military ranks started around early 1000’s, a division between knights(Officers), Sargent’s and men at arms, with religious moral codes/rules, weeding out the people with violent outbursts. Yes, I’m talking about the Templars.

By 1300 to 1500’s new religious orders sprung to life, interestingly the rebellion against the Catholic church starts right after the Monastic fighting orders were disbanded by the Catholic Church in the 1300’s. Coincidence? I think not.

Lets just say some of the Monastic fighting orders survived and assimilated back into NW European life(out breeding) and bought their new religion, morals, hierarchies with them. So the Catholic Church did not rob the ‘ol Templars of all their treasures. Yes, the Catholic Church loves money and the King of France at the time was broke in the 1300’s…

1000’s to 1300 is really interesting as you have the rise and fall of The Knights Templar and Teutonic Templars, who were growing adversaries to the Aristocracy and Catholic Church. Also the Templars were the first European bankers…with out Usury.

Oh another Idea, I’m on a role. Now I believe the place to look for selection for the rise of non-violence in Europeans would of started in the Monastic Warrior orders. Why? Well they selected for two things the capability to do violence, and discipline. This creates stress, which makes Cortisol, a soldiers resilience to stress, pretty much dictates if a soldier will shoot the right people or not. I believe Cortisol and testosterone are involved in the making of the Psychotic murders or violent criminals particularly a lacking of Cortisol to Testosterone ratio.

I think you’ll like this link HBDC. It’s research in how to all get along, regarding stress, Cortisol, PTSD and what not. Plus the military is using science to measure Cortisol levels in Soldiers IRL exercises and operations.

Psychobiology and molecular genetics of resilience

Check this out.

“It is virtually impossible to find a successful athlete or member of a special ops unit like the Navy Seals with average levels of cortisol. Their morning median cortisol levels are at least 200% above the median population average.”

Stress and Recovery – The Cortisol Connection

Training from a wee pup makes one strong in body, mind and spirit.

I also have more to add to this hypothesis in another post, which should more then counter way the written fact that the Monastic fighting orders were celibate, so are thought to have had little influence on the evolution of NW Europeans. Which the written fact is true as Jayman had pointed out to me along time ago when I bought this up at HBD Chick’s blog awhile ago. If all the Saint’s were celibate, I wouldn’t be here… Old family joke.


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